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The Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

The Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

If you need to maintain a healthy swimming pool, you need to regularly check if the chlorine content is at the right level. So how well we can achieve that is left to us, but it starts with knowing the best chlorine tablets to use. Here comes the bigger question: what are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pool?

The Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool

Review of Top 8 Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pool in 2023

In search of getting the best way to treat your water, we have come out with the top 8 chlorine tablets to keep your swimming pool ever healthy for you and your family.

1. Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue 3″ Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

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This 3-inch chlorinating tablet is excellent in keeping your pool healthy for you and your family. It protects your pool from algae and bacteria, thus giving you cleaner water that makes you wake up every morning to jump in. 

Every tablet dropped can give you a long-lasting effect because the tablets dissolve slowly and stabilize well to give you that effect you want.

The extra active properties and compounds present in the tablets give you a corrosion-free to your pool materials and make your water feel silky smooth for use. It can also be applied to your filter, skimmer, or floaters weekly to be sure there is no room for infected water coming to your pool.

2. Clorox Pool & Spa Small Pool 1″ Chlorinating Tablets

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The 1.5LB chlorinating tablet is suitable for small pools, mainly the above ground pool with a small pool diameter. The chemical properties can keep your pool clean and fresh. To be free from algae and bacteria, saving you both money and time.

The tablet is stabilized to ensure extra protection from algae and bacteria under the sun rays. And it serves you well to use these chlorinating tablets because the indecent times of having an infected skin due to contaminated water are avoided.

For cleaner and healthy water, you can also use these chlorinating tablets in your skimmer, filter, or floated. This is to make sure every channel that takes water to your pool is clean.

3. Clorox Pool & Spa Active99 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

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The compound is composed of a 99% Trichloro-s-triazinetrione to ensure a healthy pool free from germs and bacteria. It comes with this extra protection formula to kill harmful germs and provide long-lasting sunlight effect. Use this product weekly to ensure quality and healthy water for your family to enjoy throughout the summer.

With the help of these chlorinating tablets, be assured of having your pool free from algae and bacteria that cause unpleasant itching in your body. You can also place these tablets in your skimmers, feeders, or floaters for cleaner water. 

4. In the Swim 3″ Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

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The swim 3 chlorine tablets stand out from the rest in the industry because of the thick texture of its tablets. The texture enables it to dissolve slowly in water, thus giving you a long-lasting effect. 

They are an ideal size for your floaters and automatic feeders weighing up to 8 oz in an easily accessible bag.

It contains 90% stabilized chlorine for long-lasting sanitizing power to give you and your family that long-lasting sanitized pool with no worries on sanitizing often. Also, with the 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, be rest assured to have a well-sanitized pool.

5. Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue 1″ Chlorinating Tablets

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These XtraBlue chlorinating tablets provide a long-lasting effect in your pool. It keeps your pool clean from both bacteria and algae as well as protect your pool walls and materials from stain and corrosion.

You can eliminate the growth of algae with a single-use recommended dose. With the stabilizer contained in the chlorinating tablets, you are sure to have a long-lasting clean in your pool. These 1-inch tablets are perfect for sanitizing small pools, mainly above-ground pools with small dimensions. You can drop in your feeders and floaters to maintain 1-4 ppm of free chlorine. 

6. Pool Brand 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

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Pool brand 3 is a product from the USA and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The product features 90% undiluted and unblended chlorine to give you a lasting effect for your delightful swimming throughout the summer.

The product contains individually wrapped tablets that are placed in an easily accessible bag that leaves behind no residue when used. The pool brand tablets are stabilized and can retain their effectiveness when the tablets are in the water.

However, they are not good for saltwater pools. They are only good for chlorine pools, and they weigh approximately 50 pounds with about 112 tablets for your use.

7. NAVA Pool Care 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

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These 25 pounds of 3 inches concentrated chlorine tablets are wrapped individually in an easily accessible bucket. It is capable of sanitizing and purifying your water from algae and bacteria, making it healthy to be used all day long throughout the summer.

The strong texture of the tablets provides a slow dissolving mechanism. At the same time, in water, it results in a long-lasting product that can be assured to give your pool the cleanliness it deserves.

You can place it in your floaters, automatic feeders, and skimmers to ensure they are no contamination of your pool from any source. Another interesting feature is that it can be used in all pool types; above ground, in-ground, indoor, outdoor, plater, vinyl, fiberglass.

8. Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets 1-Inch Pool and Spa Chemicals

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Kem-Tek 2815-6 Chlorinating Tablets is part of the Chem Lab project. They provide an economical size chlorinating tablet for your in-ground pools and small size above ground pool.

It contains well-formulated tablets that dissolve slowly and concentrate appropriately on your pool for long-lasting sanitation. The tablets are stabilized to avoid chlorine loss due to light from the sun. It maintains a strong and effective chlorine residual while in the pool. In any pool sanitation need, be assured of getting your pool perfectly purified for you with the strong, lasting effect of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools?

Where to get chlorine, tablets is not the problem, but getting a quality one is. If you need to get quality chlorine tablets, you would need to work with the reviewed products we provided above. And, check online stores and manufacturer’s websites to buy yours.

How to Use Chlorine Tablets in Swimming Pools?

Let us begin with how much chlorine you need in your pool. The general rule of thumb is your swimming pool should be at least 1-3ppm. Staying in that range is the best and safest way to use chlorine tablets to avoid irritation of the skin. And as well to avoid the risk of having too much chlorine in your water 

Where Do You Put Chlorine Tablets in Pool?

There are three ways you can add chlorine tablets in your swimming pool. The first way to do that is to add it to a floating chlorine dispenser and allow it to float road the pool while it dispenses.

The second is to add the chlorine tablets in the skimmer basket. This gives you a better way of dissolving your chlorine and circulating it around the pool. The third and most efficient is to use an automatic chlorinator.

Should I Put Chlorine Tablets in The Skimmer?

Adding chlorine tablets to your skimmer basket is not the best practice and never recommended to be used. Meanwhile, people still use it and achieve their results. Adding chlorine tablets to your pool could result in damaging your pool equipment.

If the tablets are still present in your skimmer basket while your pump is no longer working, the chemical will keep dissolving in your skimmer. Thus, causing damage. Therefore, it would be best you use an automatic chlorinator to apply chlorine to your pool


Getting the best chlorine tablets for swimming pool and how to apply your chlorine tablets should be seamless after going through this review article. In as much as you need to sanitize your pool, knowing the quantity to use should also be factored out. 

However, if you are not sure of what quantity to use, you can call on any of the experts to assist you.

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