The Best Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pool

If you are often used to covering your pool without a cover reel, you would have probably been causing damages without knowing. In no time your pool cover will be totally damaged due to irregular folding. Therefore, what is the best solar cover reel for an inground pool you can get in the market today?

The Best Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pool

Top 7 Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pool In 2021

We have reviewed 100s of products every day, and we have analyzed the pros and cons of many products in the market. Here is our top choice product to give you maximum satisfaction.

1. VINGLI Pool 18-Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool

This product is designed to fit in 14-18 feet pools with an easy to assemble parts that come with a lockable telescopic tube to prevent shaking. On top of the reel, is a stripe link design that helps to improve the pulling force. 

The legs are made with an aluminum or steel material to keep them relatively strong and withstand rusting. The wheels are made of solid two tires that stand to withstand harsh conditions. The high-quality materials used for this reel makes it durable, easy to use, and maintain

The exciting thing about this reel is that it can fit in any pool with varying shapes, but sizes must be within 14-18 feet.

2. VINGLI Pool Reel Set 14 Feet Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Blanket Reel

Just like the other members of its family, the Vingli pool for 14 feet inground pool can fit in 3-15 feet wide pools. Best manufactured to give you a lasting product that can save all through so many summers. It has aluminum and steel legs that are capable of withstanding environmental conditions. The tires are also made from solid rubber to stand the test of time.

The product comes with 7 section tubes to give you a wide range of options depending on the size of your pool. These tubes are well designed to avoid the strips from falling off.

Above all, it is easy to use and maintain and has stable frames that give it balance.

3. Nova Microdermabrasion 21ft Aluminum Inground Solar Reel Cover

The Nova Microdermabrasion is a great product to keep your solar cover intact while maintaining its heating capabilities. It is made of a polished aluminum tube that stands to resist rusting, and sagging that results from overtime use.

You also enjoy a free thermometer inside the purchased package to check the water temperature. While you find it difficult to get a reel to fit your pool, this product can be adjustable to fit any pool size. This product is very easy to operate. In fact, it features a hand crank for smooth operation.

What more do you need from a reel? It is durable, stable, and easy to assemble. Strong and anti-slip tires to give it balance.

4. Best Choice Products 21ft Aluminum Inground Swimming Pool Cover Reel

This is quite a simple structure with a simple design that offers incredible functions and features to improve the lifespan of your solar cover. All materials used in constructing this product are durable. The legs are made of stainless steel and aluminum.

The hand crank attached to the wheel makes it easy for one person to roll in and roll out the solar cover effortlessly. Even as the legs are durable, the tires are also durable, produced with strong rubber and anti-slip teeth for stability. The materials are lightweight, so it is very easy to set up and easy to assemble for storage.

5. ARKSEN Stainless Steel 21 ft Solar Cover Reel

Interesting to see that few products match these products’ simplicity and ease of use. It is specifically designed for durability and stability. The wheel features a shaped cranked arm at one end to ease the unrolling and rolling of the solar pool cover. The frames and legs are made of stainless steel and aluminum that are corrosion resistant.

You also have well-blended anti-slippery super tires to give it stability and help to maneuver obstacles. The reel rolls up to your solar cover safely on a diameter of 31/2 tubing. It is suitable for in-ground pools of 20ft wide and 40ft long.

6. Intex 28051 Roller for Solar Cover

Intex Solar Cover Reel is designed to attach to the metal frame of the pool easily. It is adjustable in size to fit the size of your pool. Removing the cover from the pool is seamless and efficient. One person can roll up the cover of the entire pool. It also has a lock function on the handle to ease the process.

The reel is designed with aluminum metal to maintain the pool’s lifespan. It also adds to the non-corrosive feature, which makes it an ideal choice for those living in areas with very harsh weather. What more! It is easy to install and use.

7. Topeakmart Wide Inground Stainless Steel Reel

This ergonomically shaped reel makes the rolling and unrolling of solar cover easy for pool owners because of the built-in features. The features consist of a shaped cranked located at one end of the handle for easy operation.

The frames of the reel are built with a stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame that is resistant to corrosion. The heavily designed tires are for stability. Another thing to keep an eye on this product is the adjustable tube. The adjustable tube allows you to adjust between 16.1 to 20.3 feet. This serves you a wide range of purposes if you have pools within that range.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Attach Solar Pool Cover to Reel?

1. First, measure out where you will attach the straps roughly 2ft apart from each other

2. Cut the straps. For a square pool you can cut the straps equally but for an irregular pool, cut the straps individually

3. Make an x hole at the tip of the stripes and use your driver to attach the strips to the tube at the point you measured

4. Put a 2” fold in your solar cover and double-check that the stripe reaches the underside of the cover

5. Push the male grommet through the x-marked hole to the male grommet and tap slightly with a hammer. Repeat for all, and your solar pool is set.

How do solar cover reels work?

The reel is installed on the deck of your pool, which consists of two T-bars with a metal pole and a wheel. The wheel is used to roll the solar cover. In the middle bar, there are clips that are attached to the cover for rolling the solar cover.


How well do you know the best solar cover reel for an inground pool? Well, this article gave you some of our top-rated products in the market that can serve you a lifetime. In as much as it is hard to say a product is better than the other, our experience in using those products speaks well of which is the best in the market.