The Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

If you own a pool, you might know about the problems you have to deal with when it is not in use. Dirt and debris can accumulate over time if you don’t close the pool properly. Therefore, every pool owner must have the right tools to prevent this from happening so that every time they reopen their pool, it’s crystal clear.

One of the best ways of keeping your pool clean is by using pool covers. If you are lucky enough to affordable the best above ground pool and are wondering what is the pool cover for an above ground pool on the market? You have come to the right place as we have reviewed the ten best pool covers for above ground pools today.

The Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

10 Best Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools

Keep in mind that when it comes to purchasing a cover for an above ground pool, the size is crucial. It’s better to buy a cover with 3 or 4 feet overlap than your pool size. Since you can keep your pool clean using different ways, determining what cover you should buy for your pool can be quite difficult.

Especially when it comes to winter pool covers, you’ll find many models for different pool sizes. So, if you’re in search of the right pool cover, here are the ten best options you should consider purchasing.

Bronze 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover by Blue Wave

If you’re looking for a pool cover for the winters, this bronze above ground pool cover by Blue Wave might be just what you need. The rugged polyethylene scrim makes the cover durable as it can protect the pool against the wind, ice, sun, and other natural elements that can affect the water quality.

It also includes a 4 feet overlap; this helps ensure that the cover doesn’t stretch too much and rip. Besides, you’ll receive a winch tightener and a heavy-duty cable for easy installation.

Best Features

  • Four-foot overlap
  • Easy Installation
  • Backed up by 8-year warranty

Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 24-ft Round Winter Cover for Above Ground Pool 

Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 24-ft Round Winter Cover for Above Ground Pool

The second pool cover on our list that is perfect for covering your pool during the winters is also from Blue Wave. This 28 feet pool cover with a four-foot overlap makes sure the cover stays in just the right position.

Moreover, the material used in making this cover and the heavier woven polyethylene scrim makes it quite durable; it can withstand snow, sleet, and wind. Plus, the topside of the cover has UV rays protection, and the bottom has a black underside to prevent algae growth.

Best Features

  • UV stabilization plate
  • Heavy-duty vinyl coating
  • 12-year warranty

24 Foot Round Above Ground Pool Value Winter Cover by In The Swim

With this product, you get a robust cable and turnbuckle, ensuring the cover stays in place throughout. This lightweight pool cover is ideal for round, above ground pools. It is made of laminated polyethylene sheet, which makes it durable and withstands all elements, such as wind, snow, and sunrays.

Plus, this pool cover from “In the Swim” features an 8 x 8 scrim. The quality stitching of this product ensures it won’t get damaged and work effectively in keeping your pool clean and safe from dirt and debris.

Best Features

  • includes cable and turnbuckle
  • 8 x 8 black scrim
  • Quality stitching

3524-4 Winter Cover for Round Above-Ground Pool by Robelle 

It can be quite difficult to find a durable cover for round above-ground pools. However, if you’re looking for a cover that is easy to install and worth the money, this product is a great pick. It includes a cable and winch tightener that helps secure the cover and prevents it from ripping or tearing.

Moreover, this 28 feet winter pool cover with a four-foot overlap by Robelle includes a 10-year warranty, which indicates the manufacturers have used high-quality material. The topside of this durable cover inhibits the UV rays, whereas the black underside retards algae growth in the pool.

Best Features

  • Four-foot overlap
  • 10-year warranty
  • strongest polyethylene material

Blue Wave 15-ft Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

This is an 18-feet cover that helps eliminate the mess left behind by decaying leaves. If you want your pool to be crystal clear when you reopen it in spring, this cover is a must buy. The tight black mesh of this above-ground leaf net traps even the smallest leaves and prevents them from reaching your pool cover.

It also includes easy installation components and has a three feet overlap that fits most top rails. Besides, the material is quite durable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one too soon. 

Best Features

  • Three feet overlap
  • Dirt and leaf defender net, 4-year warranty
  • durable woven polyethylene

BWC720 Bronze 15-feet by 30-feet Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover by Blue Wave

This is a product backed up by an eight-year warranty and offers the durability and reliability you want in a pool cover. It can withstand the worst winter conditions, and it can also prevent UV rays from harming the pool.

When you open your pool again, you’d not want a green surface with dirt, debris, and algae. This navy blue pool cover by Blue Wave has a black underside within the cover that prevents algae growth. Hence, once winter ends, you’ll find a crystal clear pool.

Best Features

  • Eight-year warranty
  • Prevents algae growth
  • UV ray protection and Rugged polyethylene scrim

18 ft Round Pool Winter Cover with 8-Year Warranty by In the Swim

This cover is very tough and reliable and has an 8-year warranty. Since it’s made of heavy-duty polyethylene, with an 8 x 6 filament scrim, and high-quality stitching, you won’t have to worry about the cover ripping or tearing.

Extreme weather conditions and elements such as sun rays and wind can damage pool covers over time. However, this product ensures to stay stable and robust through the worst conditions in summer and winter.

It has UV inhibitors on the topside that prevent the harmful sun rays from damaging your pool. It’s an easy to install cover because you get a vinyl-coated cable and winch with it.

Best Features

  • Easy Installation
  • UV inhibitors
  • Double-stitched borders 

Blue Wave BWC922 Gold 15-Year 15-ft by 30-ft Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This is a highly durable product from Blue Wave that can protect the pool from the sun, ice, and heavy winds. It includes a four feet overlap that ensures proper positioning and prevents it from tearing and ripping.

Moreover, the black underside retards algae growth, keeping your pool crystal clear; it isn’t too expensive. Other than this, this royal blue oval pool cover offers a fifteen-year warranty. You also get a heavy-duty vinyl coated cable and a winch tightener that secure this top-grade cover in place. 

Best Features

  • 15-year warranty
  • UV stabilized woven polyethylene 
  • Four feet overlap

18 Foot Round Leaf Net Cover for Above Ground Pool by In The Swim

This black, leaf net cover prevents and helps ensuring the mess left behind from decaying leaves is clean. So you won’t have to remove the leaves by yourself. The material used is durable knitted polyethylene, which makes the product a good pick, even for the worst winter conditions.

Other than this, the product is a must buy because you get easy installation components, including sturdy cable, metal winch, and fastening loops. This leaf net cover is stable and stays in place, which means you don’t have to worry about it changing it from time to time. 

Best Features

  • metal winch, wire cable, and fastening loops 
  • High-quality knitting
  • Leaf catcher

Pool Mate 351015-4 PM Heavy-Duty Winter Pool Cover for Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools, 10 by 15-ft. Oval Pool

This is a heavy-duty polyethylene cover than ensures protection from harmful elements. Once you buy this product, you get a 10-year warranty, which shows how good the product is and that it can last long. It also includes a 4 feet overlap to ensure there is no tear.

Many pool owners face a common problem with their pools in winters, which is algae growth.

However, this product also features a black underside to prevent algae growth during all seasons, especially winter. Besides, the material used to make this product is a heavy-duty, polyethylene, which makes it more durable than many other pool covers for above ground pools on the market.

Best Features

  • Algae growth prevention
  • 10-year warranty
  • heat sealed seams

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Measure For an Above Ground Pool Cover?

Depending on the type of pool you have, the method of measuring it can vary. However, if you have an above ground pool, there is a simple way you can determine what cover size you need for the pool.

All you have to do is measure your pool from inside edges to determine the diameter. Once you know the diameter, you can find a cover with the right measurements to fit perfectly.

How To Cover Above Ground Pool With Deck For Winter?

We are sharing a few simple steps that you need to follow. These steps will ensure that you place your pool cover the right way and prevent it from leaving any open ends.

Here are the steps:

1. Covers come with steel cables, go ahead and install them around the pool
2. Install the cables above the skimmer, make sure you do this correctly
3. Now use the winch tightener to secure the cables above the skimmer
4. Use the elastics by hooking them on each steel cable
5. Tighten the elastics as well for more support
6. Lay the cover on top of the pool
7. These are the simple steps you should follow, and you can always go through the cover guide you receive along with it.


As you can see, we have shared the ten best pool covers for above ground pools. You’ll find it easier to purchase one once you go through this list. Always make sure to determine your pool size before purchasing a pool cover. Also, it’s better to go for a cover with 4-feet overlap and at least a 5-year warranty as you would not want to buy a new cover every two years.