The Best Solar Pool Cover

One of the questions most persons ask is, what is the best solar pool cover to buy? There are a lot of solar pool covers in the market and choosing the most suitable could be a difficult task.

Below is a guide to help you choose the best pool cover.

The Best Solar Pool Cover

Buying Guide 

What type of Solar Cover do you need? 

Solar pool covers are available in different forms, and these include:

1. Liquid Solar Covers: These covers come in the form of chemical liquids poured into the pool. They are eco-friendly and inexpensive. They retain heat and keep your pool warmer for a long time. However, you can’t use them with chlorine, or in chlorine-based pools. 

Liquid Solar Covers:

2. Bubble Pool Covers: These are also known as Solar Blankets. They are the most common type of solar pool cover and very efficient. They are easy to install, save energy and water. Also, they’re affordable and reduce dirt or dust in your pool.

Bubble Pool Covers

3. Solar Rings: These work like a solar blanket, except they are smaller and more expensive. They are easy to install, but provide small coverage area, making it easy for debris to fall into your pool. 

Solar Rings

Finally, bubble pool covers or solar blankets are the best and most efficient. They are easy to install, affordable, and give great value for your money. In this review, we’ll be looking at solar blankets only. 

What qualities should you look for in Solar Covers?

Thickness: Thicker pool covers provide the best insulation and last longer. On the downside, they are not easy to move around and can be costlier. It’s best to go for pool covers with moderate thickness. Most are available in 12mm and above.

Color: There are clear and tinted pool covers, and the choice depends on your needs. Clear covers heat the pool better than dark covers because they allow the sun rays to penetrate and heat the pool. If your pool heats too much, a tinted cover is your best option.

Shape: You’d want a solar cover that fits the shape of your pool. Most covers are available in rectangle and circle shapes. For above-ground pools, circular covers suit because they are rounded. Also, you can find designs for inground pools; and less-defined pools as well. 

Size: The idea is to cover your pool to the edges or a bit longer. You should measure the size of your pool before making any purchase to ensure you get the right cover. You can also trim them afterward if it’s larger than you intend.

Warranty: Choosing a product with a warranty ensures safety and protection. The warranty differs from various companies. Most companies will offer full coverage for the first few years. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Top 10 Best Solar Pool Covers 

1. Sun2Solar Blue 10 Ft-by-16 Ft Rectangle Solar Cover — 1200 Series

This 10ft X 16ft rectangle cover is one of the best solar covers on the market. Made from a film of tiny bubbles that retain heat, it also prevents evaporation by 95%. You don’t need to refill your pool always or worry about chemical loss. Its blue color gives it an appealing look while providing warmth to your pool.

This cover is suitable for inground and above ground pools. It comes with 2iches to 4 inches of overlap. You can trim it to get your desired shape, and this doesn’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Dimension of 10ft X 16ft
  • You can trim to fit 
  • Moderate thickness
  • Suitable for inground and above ground pools 


  • Warranty only covers seam separation 

2. Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

This is another best solar cover for heating your 12-foot, round pools. It’s easy to store and comes with a reusable carry bag. One feature is its drainage holes that prevent water accumulation on the cover.

This Intex solar cover reduces water evaporation and chemical consumption. It absorbs heat from the sun to the pool, thanks to its air bubbles. It fits perfectly inside the edge of pools and floats in position while keeping debris out from your pool.

It’s lightweight, so you can easily remove it when you want to swim or vacuum your pool.


  • Perfect for above ground pools
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to use and move around
  • Floats easily


  • Only 1-year limited warranty

3. Sun2Solar Blue 4-Foot-by-8-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover — 1600 Series 

This Sun2Solar cover is 16ml thick and ideal for areas with high wind. It comes in rectangle shapes, but you can use them for your round pools too. It’s easy to trim to suit your desired shape and size.

Made with a double-resin material, it lasts long and prevents water evaporation up to 95%. You can retain heat in your pool or spa with this cover for a long time while keeping dirt and debris away. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 10-year pro-rated warranty.


  • Dimension of 4ft X 8ft
  • Dense, yet easy to pull on or off
  • You can trim to fit 
  • Suitable for above-ground and in-ground pools


  • Bubble damage is uncovered in the warranty 

4. Intex Solar Cover for 9.5ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools 

This Intex cover has eight holes to prevent water accumulation by allowing water to drain. It’s a perfect fit for your 10ft pools, though it comes in a 9.5ft size.  

It comes in a round shape, making it suitable for above-ground pools in round or oval shapes. This cover is 8mil thick and prevents water evaporation while keeping your pool warm.

It’s lightweight and easy to use. It also comes in a reusable carry bag; you can store without problems after each use.


  • Efficient heating system
  • Easy to use and store
  • Drainage holes prevent rainwater from pooling on the cover
  • Inexpensive


  • Not eligible for shipping outside the U.S

5. Intex Solar Cover for 18ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

This is another Intex cover, made with a PVC material that allows heat passage. Suitable for your 18ft round pools, it also comes with a reusable carry bag for storage. It also reduces heat loss by evaporation by 95%.

You’ll enjoy a warmer and longer swimming session with this pool cover. It’ll keep your pool covered from debris and provide insulation. It’s great for heating and preventing chemical loss. When compared to other pool covers from different companies, it’s efficient and affordable.


  • Diameter is 18ft
  • Efficient system for heating 
  • Lightweight material 
  • User-friendly
  • Floats in place even when it’s raining 


  • 1-year limited warranty

6. Sun2Solar Blue 10-Foot-by-16-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover – 800 Series 

This cover is lightweight and easy to pull on and off the pool. Its tiny bubbles make it a perfect cover for retaining heat even at night. You need not worry about diving into an unpleasantly cold pool. It protects your pool from dirt while preventing evaporation by 95%.

Also perfect for uniquely shaped pools, because the material is easy to trim. It’s suitable for both in-ground and above ground pools. It comes with a 10-year pro-rated warranty with a 3-year limited warranty for separation of seams and delamination.


  • Diameter of 10ft X 16ft
  • Gives great value for money
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Material is thin and may rip easily

7. Intex Solar Cover for 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools

Intex takes a step away from round covers with this efficient solar blanket. It’s suitable for 18′ X 9′ Rectangular frame pools, though it measures 17′ 8″ X 8′ 4″. 

Made with durable 160-micron material, and hemmed edges, it lasts long. Its air bubbles transfer heat from the sun to keep your pool warm all day. With this cover, you get to save on electricity, because you don’t need a heater for your pool.

It comes with a carrying bag for storage, and it’s also lightweight and effortless to move around.


  • Ideal for above-ground pools
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Stays put against heavy winds 
  • Has a strap to keep the cover in place


  • Material is thinner than expected 

8. In The Swim 12 x 20 Foot Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

This list of best solar pool covers would be incomplete without this solar blanket. It comes in a 12mil-thick cover that increases water temperature up to 8-10 degrees for about 5-7 days of regular sunlight.

In-the-Swim focuses on quality products at an affordable price, and it’s evident with this cover. It is easy to install, and you can trim to fit irregularly shaped pools. This cover is built from lightweight and durable polyethene material. It’s excellent for heatingreducing chemical loss, and water retention.


  • Dimension of 12ft x 20ft
  • Quality product and durable 
  • 7-year limited warranty 
  • Easy to install
  • You can trim to fit any pool shape


  • Available in only blue color 

9. Blue Wave 14-mil Solar Blanket for 16-ft x 32-ft Rectangular Inground Pools 

Blue wave manufactures one of the best covers for inground pools. They have air bubbles and tiny cells that trap heat from the sun, ensuring your pool stays warm. This cover increases the water temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit and reduces evaporation up to 95%.

It’s your best bet if you’re opting for a durable clear cover. Its design helps to resist deterioration from ultraviolet rays and chemicals. There’s a 6-year limited warranty attached to this product.


  • The dimension of 16 x 32 
  • Superior durability 
  • UV-protected 
  • Direct sunlight doesn’t cause wear and tear 
  • Efficient heating cover 
  • Easy to trim and fit


  • The cover may sink if not correctly placed 

10. Sun2Solar Blue 10-Foot-by-16-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover – 1600 Series 

This heating blanket is 16ml-thick and stays put on windy days. It’s the thickest option in all the series, and your best bet if you want something durable. It doesn’t flap due to its heavyweight and lasts for a long time.

You can use this cover for above ground pool and in-ground pool as well.  As with other Sun2Solar covers, you can trim easily to suit the shape you want.  So, you can use it for your round pool, rectangular pool, and irregularly shaped pool. The trimming doesn’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Highly durable 
  • 3-year limited warranty, and 10-year pro-rated warranty
  • Diameter of 10ft x 16ft 


  • It may not be easy to move around due to thickness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a solar pool cover?

A solar pool cover is a unique material made from plastic materials and most times with a UV inhibitor. They are carefully designed to capture heat from the sun, raising the temperature of the pool and giving us more warm swimming seasons in the process.

They come in different forms and designs, as discussed in the sections above.

What size of solar pool cover do I need?

Size dimension is one of the most important factors considered when getting a solar pool cover. You wouldn’t want to give your beautiful pool a badly fit dress.

So, when handling size troubles, well-fitting, and high quality, thick solar pool covers should be considered. Color also is an essential factor not just for the aesthetics but also because of the heat-trapping potential- as darker colors would trap more heat while lighter colors would trap less.

Different pool covers are best suitable for different pool sizes; thus, for large rectangular pools, you might want to consider a Sun2Solar pool cover as it boasts of better solar pool coverage when compared to others. The choice of your pool cover should be taken into consideration as every penny should be worth the pool’s protection.

Where to buy solar pool covers?

Walmart, Amazon, and Doheny are three reliable sources where you can always buy your solar maintenance equipment. With a lot of excellent offers on deliveries and competitive prices, you can always be sure to get a good deal for your money.


The companies mentioned above provide the best solar pool cover reel and blankets in today’s market. You can make a choice depending on the size and shape of your pool, the color or thickness you need, and other factors. These ten solar polar covers are of high quality and come at an affordable price. They’ll help you reduce the cost of heating your pool and are easy to maintain.